What is Sanami?

Fidelitas et Veritas.

The name Sanami carries profound significance, entwining two kanji characters, each laden with meaning. The first symbolizes "truth," and in union with the kanji for "heart" (kokoro), it shapes "magakoro" – a term embodying sincerity, devotion, and the essence of a true and pure heart. Pronounced as "shinjitsu," it additionally signifies fact, reality, and truth.

These nuanced meanings encapsulate the fundamental aspirations of Sanami Defense Academy – to propagate the authentic truth of martial arts. Our guiding motto, "Fidelitas et Veritas" (Loyalty and Truth), mirrors our commitment to both loyalty and truth, underscoring the principles guiding our practice and teachings. Through the essence of "Sanami," we strive to uphold the highest standards of sincerity, devotion, and unwavering dedication to the genuine truths embedded in martial arts.

These profound values and the meaningful name "Sanami" endure as the guiding principles of Sanami Defense Academy. In our ongoing journey, we steadfastly uphold the essence of "Sanami," rooted in sincerity, devotion, and a commitment to the genuine truths of martial arts. The Latin motto "Fidelitas et Veritas" (Loyalty and Truth) continues to define our path, reflecting our unwavering dedication to these core principles at Sanami Defense Academy.

Sanami was the name given to us by our former sponsor in the Bujinkan, Shihan Shawn Gray. I opted against using my last name, adhering to the tradition of most dojos in Japan, given the challenge of pronouncing "Culp." Additionally, I wished to avoid a name reminiscent of martial arts clichés. Therefore, "Sanami" was offered and accepted, introducing an extra layer of significance to our martial arts journey.