S.D.A Pistol 1. Basics

Empower yourself with Sanami Defense Academy's Pistol 1 Basics Class, a transformative journey from foundational firearm safety to advanced proficiency. Our program offers flexible scheduling options, making it suitable for both group seminars and individual enrollment. Earn your certification by showcasing proficiency in essential skills, including firearm safety rules, proper handling of various pistols, revolvers, and semiautos, loading, unloading, as well as reloads. Dive into topics like stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control, and natural point of aim. Dealing with basic malfunctions, range etiquette, and best practices will be covered as well. Enroll now to elevate your firearm expertise responsibly with Sanami Defense Academy.







Note: The basic course is split into two sections. One section will require proficiency outside the realm of dry fire while the second half will be a course qualification of skills at a private range. All members of the Academy wishing to participate in more advanced classes must qualify before any further firearm training is permitted.