Considerations for Injured Shooter: Rifle/Carbine

Embark on a unique and critical journey with Sanami Defense Academy's Considerations for Injured Shooter Rifle/Carbine class. This specialized course addresses the challenges of firearm handling in less-than-ideal situations, providing essential skills for those who may find themselves injured during a critical moment.

Navigating the complexities of a gunfight is already a demanding task, and this program ensures participants are well-prepared to maintain weapon functionality while dealing with injuries.

In situations where transitioning to a pistol might not be viable, it is crucial for rifle operators to understand how to run their weapon system effectively, even when injured. Learn to adapt and innovate under stress, mastering techniques like charging the bolt, reloading magazines, and clearing malfunctions while prioritizing threat awareness. Explore the use of ambulatory limbs, off-body techniques, pinning, and unorthodox methods to stabilize shot placement from behind cover.

This course goes beyond immediate firearm concerns, offering insights into after-action skills for dealing with necessary contacts and prioritizing medical needs. Sanami Defense Academy equips you with the expertise to navigate adversity and keep your firearm operational when it matters most.