Guidelines and Rules for Sanami Defense Academy


Sanami Defense Academy - Code of Conduct and Rules

Admission and Participation:

  1. The Sanami Defense Academy is exclusive to those who agree with and uphold its guidelines. Only individuals who have read and consented to these guidelines shall be permitted to participate.

  2. Participants must demonstrate patience, self-control, and dedication. A physician's examination report may be requested, and individuals with mental illness, drug addiction, or instability may be declined. All injuries, both pre-existing and incurred during training, must be disclosed for safety considerations.

  3. Individuals with criminal records may be rejected, based on the nature and timeline of the incident. Troublemakers and lawbreakers shall be declined.

  4. Those not upholding the guidelines, engaging in disgraceful acts, or demonstrating reproachable behavior may face expulsion.

Accident and Responsibility:

  1. Accidents during training, both inside and outside the Academy, should not disrupt the Sanami Defense Academy. Participants unwilling to take personal responsibility for accidents shall not be admitted, and the academy does not assume responsibility for any training-related accidents.

Additional Rules:

  1. Members bringing disrepute to the Academy may be suspended or expelled at the instructor's discretion.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Members must maintain personal hygiene at a high standard for the safety of all.

  • Safety procedures and instructions from instructors must be adhered to. Ignoring safety rules will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Fingernail Maintenance: All members must maintain short and clean fingernails to prevent injuries and scratches during training. Long or jagged nails pose a risk to both the individual and their training partners.

  • Overall Cleanliness: A high standard of personal cleanliness is expected. This includes regular showering, clean training attire, and the use of deodorant. Members are encouraged to uphold a hygienic standard that ensures a comfortable training environment for all.

  • Prevention of Staff Infections: Strict adherence to personal hygiene practices is crucial to prevent the spread of infections, including but not limited to staph infections. Individuals with any visible skin infections are required to abstain from training until the condition is fully healed, reducing the risk of transmission.

  • Respect for Peers: Practicing good personal hygiene is an expression of respect for fellow members. Maintaining cleanliness contributes to a positive and comfortable atmosphere within the Sanami Defense Academy, promoting mutual respect and consideration among peers.

  1. Instructors must be notified of any injury or infectious disease sustained inside or outside the academy. The instructor has the final decision on training restrictions due to injuries.

  2. Mobile phones and other devices must be turned off unless permission is granted. Training gear should be stored securely, and all jewelry must be removed or taped up.

  3. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in the Sanami Defense Academy, and violators will be expelled.

  4. Fees are due at the start of the month. Members facing difficulties should communicate with the instructor for alternative arrangements.

  5. Sanami Defense Academy retains the right to refuse or cancel membership at any time.

  6. Members must wear appropriate training uniforms and gear, including protective equipment as instructed.

  7. Members experiencing unreasonable treatment, bullying, sexual harassment, or witnessing such behavior should report promptly to an instructor.

  8. Instructors reserve the right to change, modify, add, or delete rules without prior notice.

Note: Adherence to these rules is mandatory at all times.

Duff Culp
Owner - Operator