Shinobi Kids Homeschool Program

Welcome to the Shinobi Kids Homeschool Program at Sanami Defense Academy—a dynamic and educational experience designed for children aged 5-10.

Program Overview:

Our homeschool program integrates martial arts principles with educational activities, fostering a fun and enriching learning environment.

Class Details:

  • Weekly Classes: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1 pm - 2 pm.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents are required to stay with their children during classes.
  • Fee: Monthly fee $100 or $20 per child per session. $15 for additional child

Class Structure:

Explore a curriculum that blends math, science, language, and physical activities in a ninja-inspired setting.


  • Stretching, ninja-themed games, and agility activities.
  • Lessons on emotional behavior, anti-bullying, and team building.
  • Outdoor setting with a large whiteboard for interactive learning.

Weekly Goals and Homework:

Children will have achievable weekly goals and optional at-home activities to reinforce class lessons.

Games and Activities:

Engage in exciting games and activities such as Ninja Tag, Ninja Dodge, Pool Noodle Agility, Stealth, and Team-based Challenges.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Incorporation of Japanese words for counting and colors.
  • Cultural exploration with traditional Japanese elements.
  • Merit and reward system for motivation and positive reinforcement.

Inaugural Program Launch:

Be part of history as we launch our inaugural Shinobi Kids Homeschool Program! Limited spaces are available. Enroll now to reserve your child's spot and embark on this exciting journey with us.

Enrollment Details:

  • Limited Space: Enroll now to secure your child's spot.
  • Classes mostly held outdoors—appropriate clothing required.
  • Parents, please provide drinks and snacks.

Enroll Now:

Ready to immerse your child in the Shinobi Kids Homeschool Program? Secure a spot today!