5 Rules of Gun Safety

  1. Know the Condition of our Firearm at All Times:
    • Always treat Firearms as if they are loaded at all times, even if you assume they are in a safe condition. Know the status of your equipment, how many rounds, lubricated, zeroed, malfunctioning, etc. It is your responsibility to know the equipment and understand the safety of your family, team, or bystanders is paramount.
  2. Know Your Target and What is in Front of it and Beyond it:
    • This point also applies to your flanks and behind you. You are responsible for every bullet until it stops moving. Training to see and listen to your surroundings will be a great determining factor in your safety, and the safety of others.
  3.  Keep Your Finger Off Your Trigger Until You Are Ready to Fire:
    • Keep the finger off the trigger until the sights are aligned and the decision has been made to shoot. Keeping your finger outside the trigger guard and alongside the frame of the firearm will mitigate accidental discharges. Keep The Firearm On Safe Unless Firing. (If Applicable).
  4.  Never Point a Firearm at Anything You Do Not Intend to Destroy:
    • You must in all circumstances command the direction of the muzzle. Regardless of Loading, Unloading, or any other manipulation that one might not consider dangerous. Do not point at people or animals unless you are prepared to use deadly force. This rule helps prevent unintentional injuries or damage.
  5.  Rinse and Repeat:
    • Stay on top of these rules and be mindful of those around you as well. Be prepared for more instruction and discipline as you develop your skills. 
    • These rules are the foundation of firearm safety and should be followed diligently by anyone handling firearms to ensure a safe and responsible environment.
    • You may find more rules that you wish to apply or ones you may not necessarily wish to adhere to. The rules above are law among safe firearm training and are set in stone with no room for debate, only an expansion of the practices.
    • Absolutely, your emphasis on the importance of following these rules diligently is crucial. Adhering to these foundational principles of firearm safety is not only a responsibility but a commitment to maintaining a secure environment. Whether at the range, during training, or in any situation involving firearms, strict adherence to these rules helps prevent accidents, injuries, and potentially life-threatening incidents. By fostering a culture of safety and responsibility, individuals can contribute to a community that respects the gravity of handling firearms and prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved.