Rifle 1: Basic

Elevate your rifle proficiency from the ground up with Sanami Defense Academy's Rifle 1 Basic course. Whether you're an individual enthusiast or part of a group seminar, this program provides a comprehensive foundation in fundamental skills. Earn your certification by showcasing mastery in critical areas, such as firearm safety, AR-15 platform understanding, and key components like the trigger, safety, magazine release, bolt carrier group function, and more. Delve into essential techniques such as loading and unloading, proper stance, grip, shouldering, and weapon manipulation. Explore features like slings, sights, optics, and scopes. Join Sanami Defense Academy on a transformative journey to rifle expertise.


Note: The basic course is not a live fire course and may be followed with an assessment at a range for a basic qualification. All members of the Academy wishing to participate in more advanced classes must qualify before any further firearm training is permitted.