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Located in South Austin since 2009. Now offering Beginner classes in Round Rock!

Our Main location is 9609 C. Swansons Ranch rd. Austin, TX 78748

Class days and times can be found on the class schedule tab. Note: class schedules may change due to the needs of patrons and staff.

Call or email us and set up an appointment to try a free class. We strive to model the training to affect the greatest change in our adult students learning modalities by having a reductive and consistent approach.

At Sanami Defense Academy we train in modern self-defense and traditional Japanese martial arts. Classes are designed to be challenging but do not hesitate to join us. We are here to help the average citizen build confidence to defend themselves and others. We seek a positive environment for students to thrive and leave classes knowing that what they are learning is viable.

Some of the subject matter we train on includes but is not limited to, traditional and modern applications of self-defense and learning methods. We look at boxing, grappling and a lot of weapon retention work. Firearms education, safety, ethics, laws. Force Continuum. Basics to Advanced, including consideration for injured shooter - both pistol and rifle. Shooting from retention and when to deploy or not. 16 pillars of vehicle and vehicle ballistics.

Edged weapons.

Some medical training and basic knowledge. i.e. Tourniquets, M.A.R.C.H., chest seals, etc.

Physical Conditioning/Strength & Mobility

Classical and Modern Weapons

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