First Aid and Trauma Course

Sanami Defense Academy places a premium on the integration of skills across various courses, recognizing the interconnected nature of personal safety. Our First Aid Training Course holds a pivotal role in this interconnected curriculum. We emphasize that, in certain instances, the knowledge and skills acquired in this first aid unit become foundational, laying the groundwork for participation in other courses.

In real-world scenarios, emergencies may demand immediate medical attention, and possessing the ability to respond effectively becomes paramount. The First Aid Training Course not only equips individuals to address medical situations independently but also serves as a prerequisite for advanced coursework. In instances where personal safety involves a combination of physical self-defense and immediate medical response, this foundational knowledge becomes indispensable.

By integrating first aid into our curriculum, Sanami Defense Academy ensures that our students are not only physically prepared for self-defense but also possess the crucial ability to provide aid in emergencies. We invite individuals to embark on a journey of holistic self-improvement, where the skills acquired in our First Aid Training Course serve as a gateway to a comprehensive understanding of personal safety.

Sanami Defense Academy, while committed to providing comprehensive training, does not offer certification in CPR or any specific medical training. It is essential to understand that outcomes in real-life situations are inherently unpredictable, depending on individual actions and the unique circumstances of each scenario. Sanami Defense Academy does not guarantee specific outcomes, as the application of training is ultimately in the hands of individuals.

Our First Aid Training Course is designed to enhance preparedness for unforeseen events such as car accidents, falls, or other potentially dangerous situations. It serves as an opportunity for participants to acquire valuable skills that can be applied in daily life. It is crucial to note that Sanami Defense Academy takes no legal responsibility for the actions of participants.

We encourage all students to view the training provided at Sanami Academy as a starting point and to seek additional certifications in CPR, first aid, and other relevant courses to further enhance their knowledge and preparation. Resources may be provided to facilitate access to such certifications, empowering individuals to take charge of their personal safety journey.

In the event of serious outcomes or injuries, participants are strongly advised to prioritize seeking professional medical assistance as swiftly as possible, provided it is safe to do so. While our First Aid Training equips individuals with valuable skills to address immediate concerns, it is essential to understand the limitations of basic first aid.

Best practices include promptly contacting emergency medical services or the appropriate authorities, especially in situations where injuries are severe or potentially life-threatening. Sanami Defense Academy emphasizes the importance of quick and decisive action in emergencies and encourages participants to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Professional medical assistance is paramount for comprehensive care, and participants should always prioritize the well-being and safety of themselves and others.