About the Academy


Sanami Defense Academy, under the proficient leadership of Duff Culp, has undergone substantial transformation since its inception in 2009, previously recognized as Bujinkan Sanami Dojo. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through a meticulous refinement of our curriculum, strategically eliminating redundancy, and adopting modern methodologies. This evolution is driven by a relentless pursuit of providing a training environment that aligns with real-world scenarios and outcomes grounded in empirical data.

Academy Philosophy and Training Methodology

Our academy is deeply rooted in a philosophy that champions humility and adaptability, fostering an unwavering commitment to continual improvement. While we honor the rich tradition of learning classical techniques from Japanese schools, we also recognize the efficacy of a strategically and tactically binary approach. This multifaceted approach aligns with the concepts of Mechanical/Cooperative, Non-Competitive Conflict, and Non-Cooperative/Combative.

Our training methodology places significant emphasis on achieving consistent outcomes under pressure, with stress inoculation being a pivotal facet of our success-oriented paradigm. The structured progression, transitioning from Mechanical/Cooperative training—marked by accurate repetitions without resistance—to Non-Competitive Conflict—where there's a slight exertion of competition but without a prolonged advantage—to Non-Cooperative/Combative scenarios with a gear-like mentality, stands as a cornerstone for swift and comprehensive skill advancement. This methodical approach ensures that our practitioners develop proficiency across various scenarios, aligning with the nuanced intricacies of real-world situations.

Sanami Defense Academy is dedicated to crafting a curriculum that centers around a binary outcome-based model, integrating elements such as environmental awareness, conflict resolution, striking, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. This comprehensive training is applied within a weapons-based system, underscoring the importance of retention and pressure testing to delineate an effective hierarchy of techniques. Our academy upholds the principle of simplicity, embodying the ethos of "Keep It Simple, Stupid" (K.I.S.S.) to navigate various scenarios with efficiency.

Beyond the traditional training offered through the 6 schools of the Bujinkan and Ten Chi Jin, our academy is expanding its programs to include an Austin Ninja Kids class for home school groups. We will also be providing specialized courses tailored for women, encompassing self-defense and firearm training. Our offerings extend to various levels of firearm safety and dry fire development, alongside clinch fighting that incorporates knives, guns, and diverse weapon systems. Integral to our curriculum are first aid and trauma classes, complemented by curated recommendations for gear and preparedness materials, striking equipment, trauma kits, and other essential resources.

Sanami Defense Academy is devoted not merely to accumulating tools but to their effective utilization in practical and real-world applications. Our commitment to professionalism, adaptability, and excellence remains unwavering as we continue to evolve our curriculum to meet the dynamic challenges of self-defense and martial arts training.  contact us.