S.D.A. and the Bujinkan

Sanami Defense Academy and Bujinkan: Charting a Course for New Opportunities

In a momentous development, Sanami Defense Academy is embarking on an independent journey, separate from the Bujinkan organization. This decision is motivated by a desire to expand our horizons and explore new avenues, and it is important to emphasize that it is not a reflection of any negative experiences or sentiments towards the esteemed Bujinkan community. Instead, it signifies a strategic move to enrich our curriculum and provide an even more comprehensive martial arts experience.

As we transition into this new phase, we approach it with optimism and gratitude for the valuable lessons learned within the Bujinkan community. This decision aligns with our commitment to martial arts principles and a dedication to delivering authentic and clear martial arts knowledge.

It is essential to underscore that this transition in no way diminishes the respect and appreciation we have for the Bujinkan. The choice to operate independently is a responsible decision that resonates with our ethos of authenticity and clarity. It is important to note that we have not fallen out of favor with the Bujinkan and could potentially reestablish ties as we continue to evolve and grow.

We express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has been part of our journey so far and look forward to continuing to explore fresh perspectives and opportunities together.

Note: While we use the term Bujinkan for recognition, our general reference to the embodiment of the techniques is Taijutsu. This approach ensures that students seeking this type of training can find us while aligning with our broader martial arts philosophy. It is crucial to clarify that we do not represent the Bujinkan, and the Bujinkan is not liable for us and our use of the term in any way. We use the term as many seeking this type of training would be familiar with our former business name of Sanami Bujinkan Dojo.